Monday, June 8, 2009

Coolite : ExtJS + ASP.Net

Every one agrees that using Ajax in ASP.Net is cool. And even cooler if you can use third party javascript/Ajax frameworks. A number of people had asked me whether there is an easy solution to use extJs framework in ASP.Net. So I thought of writing something about that here.

ExtJS is an excellent framework by itself , But a cooler way to integrate it with ASP.Net exists. Enter Coolite Toolkit. Coolite toolkit is A suite of professional ASP.NET AJAX Web Controls
built on the ExtJS JavaScript Framework. The project is in development phase and the current release [as of June 2009] is version 0.8. The control kit is dual licensed and is available in GPL and also with a commercial license.

The Library consists of a vast collection of UI components starting from buttons and datepickers to treeviews, Grid panels , Messageboxes and a Desktop control. You can see them live at Coolite Example Explorer. The controls are easy to use [you need to have a look at their examples to know how to use them and better if you can find time to read the documentation] and intuitive and they offer community help through their forum also.

Another interesting thing that i found with the library is the use of [AjaxMethod] Attribute . By using it you can call any server side method from a javascript function without any flicker/postback and the same is done using Ajax and JSON.

Do find some time to explore this toolkit.

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